Vision is about change, purpose, focus, and obedience to God.

Are you clear about Gods plan for your life?  In every relationship, someone will at some point ask the question, what do you want form me?

Fortunate for those of us in relationship with the Father, He has written His desire for us and continues to reveal His plans and even the thoughts He thinks towards us.  Thank God for His Word and for the Holy Spirit.

At JTC we are concerned with meeting the needs of the total person; which is the body, soul and spirit.  In our efforts to achieve this goal, we offer a number of opportunities to introduce people to Jesus Christ and remain determined to provide a platform whereby every member can reach their peak potential.  We believe that the best way for us to do ministry beyond the surface is to go D.E.E.P and make adjustments at the roots!

Develop- individual’s gifts and abilities through instruction

Empower-everyone through the Word of God

Encourage- members to pursue excellence in all things

Propel- people into their destiny through prayer, assisted job placement and mentoring.

Fellowship meetings, specialized seminars, and small group gatherings, we will engage in saint-to-saint ministry.  By using special events, wholesome Christian entertainment and scheduled fellowship, we create a covenant community that will become a way to introduce the unbeliever to the love of Jesus.