APRIL 2019


Be Encouraged!!!

Jesus said that in this world we would be challenged, hated and have plenty of trouble, keep a good and joyful attitude because I have overcome the world. (John16:33) He overcame the world and gave us the victory, power, influence and peace to live His Victory, Power, Influence and Peace everyday. (Luke9:2,10:19 & 1John5:4)
Victory is worthless without a battle, power has no value without a challenge, influence is at its best in negativity and peace calms our hearts because it reminds us that nothing in our life is missing, broken or lacking. Everything Jesus had on earth to do the work of His calling is activated in you right now and is waiting to be used by you (1John4:17). 
You already have what you’re looking for. You’ve been empowered to prosper in your soul, body and finances. Everything that pertains to your life on earth has been purchased and provided for you in the heavens and prepositioned along the road(s) you will travel (2Peter1:2-10).
Remember God loves you!!! Some of your biggest challenges are in front of you right now. Circumstances have tried to wreak havoc in your life. Know that God always keeps His promise and will complete the work He began in you (Philippians 1:6). God will provide for you everything that He has promised, but look for Him in worship instead of His promised provision and you will find Him. Oftentimes we see, but don’t recognize The Lord, we listen for, but don’t hear the sound of His voice because His face and voice appear and sounds like a stranger asking for help, someone who is sick or maybe even a grieving family. When I think of how many times inconvenience was the greater influence and consideration of my time than walking in love and showing compassion I can’t help but wonder if those were the times my long awaited blessings showed up and I ignored them. What if our promise came in ways and In times that were inconveniencing and least expect? “God’s ways and thoughts are far above our thoughts...”. Don’t allow discouragement to overtake you on your journey as it will have you detouring on frontage roads through communities with a lot of dead end streets and alleys that lead to nowhere. Worry and stress are evil emotions that empty our minds and fills them with fear of failure and defeat. The enemy wants to get us to change our minds and view of God. Not only did Jesus restore the dominion God gave Adam, He gave that dominion to you. You haven’t lost because you’ve already won and the enemy knows it. Control your response to all of life’s challenges and know that your faith at work will determine the outcome that benefits your purpose. Don’t give up hope! Don’t walk in despair! Don’t be afraid. You got this!!! It is still impossible for Jesus fail you today, tomorrow or in the days ahead. You will receive every exceedingly great and precious promise Gods Word assured you of so Stay in faith! Stand strong! Magnify the Lord not your problems. Christ in you is bigger than this mountain that you face (Mark11:22-23). Remember you have the power of God, victory in Jesus, Favor and Influence at all times. Keep living the Kingdom Life and Remember Always, You’re Empowered To Prosper Because You Apply The Word.

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