Where is Jubilee Training Center Now And Why? Coronavirus and CDC Guideline Updates. 

In March of this year the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) determined that in the best interest of public safety, houses of faith and organizations considered nonessential to the immediate life sustaining of the people in this country should cease all public ie, in person activities until it is determined to be safe for all residents. Many of us have sheltered, worn masks in public, and practiced social distancing in compliance with the CDC and their guidelines. 

This has been a matter of public safety it has not been an attack on our relationship with God or our Constitutionally protected religious freedoms. For some it’s been a test of relationship with one another, but I believe it’s not a matter of how much faith we have as much as it is in understanding that our confidence and authority are at their strongest when we can competently submit CDC guidelines as we confidently live under Gods authority. 

We have given much consideration to how we as a Jubilee family should fit into the risk benefit ratio of in person gathering. I don’t believe it’s time for us to reopen the doors of JTC for any and everyone right now. 

I have met with the Executive Ministry Team of Jubilee and for several weeks I have asked them to seek the lord concerning the reopening of our facilities with our previous communications in mind. After prayerfully considering our options, it has been determined that we will refrain from in-person gatherings for the remainder of the year 2020. Some of the criteria we have considered nonnegotiable to reopen our facilities for in person gathering in 2020 are: 

· Our ability to ensure the safety for people of all ages choosing to fellowship 

· When social distancing is no longer mandatory for in person gatherings, and or 

· When the adjustments of the CDC guidelines or local Health Care Professionals determine it is safe for people with the underlined health conditions that have made it potentially hazardous for their public gatherings I am thankful for our faithfulness and growth in spite of the challenges we have faced together in 2020. 

The JTC online community now includes an international audience every week. Our ministry of helps, Kids For Christ, and Youth Squad Ministries have flourished tremendously, our weekly New Beginnings and Zoom bible studies are phenomenal while the financial support continues to bless those in need. 


Through it all, Jubilee remains a close-knit family of volunteers and we are forever grateful for the opportunity to serve our Lord Jesus Christ through serving the people for whom Jesus shed His Blood. 


Please continue praying for the leadership of our churches, all levels of our local and our national government. 


Blessings and Peace Wisdom and Guidance, 


Jerome McGee, Pastor