Pastor Jerome McGee

Jerome McGee comes from a family of nine generations of ministry leaders and brings a unique holistic approach to accomplishing his kingdom call. Married to Donna Romby together they have four children and live in Sacramento. He holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Theology and is a Doctor Of Divinity.   After completing his third tour in the Middle East, the United States Air Force Medical Evaluation Board placed him on a Permanent Disability Retirement List because of the multiple service connected injuries and sickness’. 

In March of 2002 Jerome and Donna launched Jubilee Training Center in the community formally known as G-Parkway. JTC has continued to grow now reaching into Central America, West, East and parts of South Africa with connections in Sydney Australia.

To Develop, Empower, Encourage and Propel people into their destiny the Jubilee Vision is clearly about change, purpose, focus and obedience to God.