Nursing Home Ministry

Conduct weekly visits to those residing in nursing homes and provides individual and group counseling.  Gifts are also distributed during the holiday season.

Prison Ministry 

This program brings compassion, caring and church services to inmates in correctional facilities in the city of Sacramento It offers group and individual counseling as well as encouragement through written correspondence.  In addition, JTC donates books, CD’s and Bibles for the spiritual and mental edification of inmates.

Victory In Education

Promotes academic advancement through a variety of program and offers assistance in Reading, Math, English, CAHSEE & SAT Preparation.

Audio Ministry

Manages the audio equipment for all ministry opportunities (inside or outside) requiring amplifies sound.  Records, duplicates and distribute CD’s of lessons presented at JTC


Assist women transitioning and are striving to overcome domestic violence, homelessness, mental health disorders and substance abuse.  Underlying their problems are the women’s experiences of neglect and abuse.  Recognizing that complex trauma is at the heart of the many serious challenges facing the women we serve; JTC New Hope uses trauma-specific intervention to facilitate their healing and growth.  New Hope is much more than a shelter for homeless or battered women.  Rather, we provided an array of trauma recover program, providing nurturing, structured, safe housing and caring, consistent and individualized services.

The women are remarkably courageous and resilient.  We capitalize on these strengths, while addressing the full array of their needs.  Through our Multi Disciplinary Team (consisting of a social worker, mental and health care professional, an academia, legal representatives… with over 40 years of collective experience) we are able to continually monitor and evaluate the progress the women make, to be sure that the services we are providing are effective. 

Marriage In New Testament Style (M.I.N.T.S.) 

--Will expose you to Biblical principles on marriage and the proper application of those principles.  After reading and employing the information in this M.I.N.T.S material, you will come to an understanding on how to improve your self-image, and how to develop a plan for a happy marriage.  If your marriage is bad now, you can make it good.  If your marriage is good now, you can make it better.  You will learn the techniques that may happily married couples use to improve their marriage.  These same techniques should b use to keep their marriage great.

M.I.N.T.S. has been referred to as a marriage support ministry dedicated to the equipping of married couples for an effective spirit filled marriage.  Through anointed teaching, each couple emerges with a biblical understanding that enhances their life and the lives of their families. 

M.I.N.T.S. is committed to instruction of fundamental truths, giving each couple the proper foundation upon which to build and develop a sound, stable and secure marriage.  The ministry offers Biblical principles for enjoying a fulfilling married life.  By actively participating in M.I.N.T.S. you will discover what God wants you to know about Sex, money management, developing a reasonable budget, the art of effective communication, goal setting and much more.


Honduras, Guatemala, Liberia, Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Johannesburg, and right here in North America Jubilee Training Center Continues to provide financial support for these in active service of our Lord.  Although believers have been commanded by the Lord Himself to go the uttermost parts of the world, most believer have the desire to travel, but lack opportunity or lace both opportunity and the desire to travel outside of the a United States.  One of the many beautiful things about the word is that we can gain credit in the mission field through our financial support of those who travel to and or live in countries.  JTC is blessed to not only have Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers who live and work in the aforementioned  countries but our found/pastor often travel and ministers to those who serve as well.  All of the members are encouraged to prepare themselves for missions both in and outside of the USA.  Everyone is expected to provide support through prayer and finances on regular bases.